What we do...


The firm of Ahern & Ahern exists to assist clients in a variety of legal matters for individuals and businesses throughout their community.  The firm does not advertise because it believes that the best clients come by being known to the firm or by referral.  The main objective of the firm is to handle every client’s legal situation as if it was their own.  The firm values every single case presented no matter the size of the problem or the extent of the issue.  The firm’s experience across a wide range of legal practice areas allows them to provide insight and planning that takes in the full picture of the client’s needs.

Civil Litigation

In this area of practice, we deal with disputes based on all varieties of business agreements, and we handle jury and non-jury trials in the state and federal courts.  We have extensive experience in Appellate matters.  Our firm is particularly adept at handling business transactions and cases in our local courts from our many years of experience.  In negotiation and in the courtroom we apply sound judgment with an appropriately aggressive edge.

Equally important, we counsel clients on business issues so that they can avoid litigation.  We work with clients to help anticipate disputes before they erupt. We believe that litigators who know a client's business - and who advise as transactions are crafted - can help to avoid lawsuits, create a positive record for actions that do arise, and improve the odds for success when a controversy develops.  This benefits our clients through greater efficiency, less litigation, more successes, and lower costs.


Our firm has handled many clients in personal injury claims.  We have years of experience in filing claims as a result of a trip and fall, automobile accidents, work place claims, product liability and injuries suffered to clients due to the fault of another.

We aggressively pursue our client's claims and have reached large settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients.  Since we are a small firm, each case is handled with sincere care for the best result for our client.  A larger firm may simply settle a case and move on to the next claim, however, our firm will never simply move on to the next case, we take each case on as if its our own problem.  The monies we recover for a client may never make up for the harm done to them, but we try to come as close as possible.



We provide hands on counsel to both small and large businesses.  Our legal advise has assisted many companies in their legal infancy.  Also, we have advised and assisted clients in navigating the purchase and sale of both large and small businesses.  Our advice is as wide ranging as incorporating a start up business to assisting a client in establishing their business in numerous states throughout our country.

Whatever your business needs, our firm, with our general practice background, can provide an overall legal plan to assist you in today's ever changing world.

Criminal Law

Our firm handles a wide variety of criminal matters.  We handle matters from misdemeanors to felonies in criminal courts through our region.  We assist individuals in the best possible resolution by fighting for their rights when they have been charged with a crime. Our goal is protect our client against criminal charges.


Real Estate

The Real Estate Practice at Ahern & Ahern serves a broad spectrum of client needs relating to acquisition, development, investment, financing, and divestiture projects. Our firm provides real estate counsel both residential and commercial properties.

An integral part of our Real Estate Practice serves the needs of families purchasing or selling homes in and around our community. We assist clients throughout the entire real estate transaction, from Contract signing to closing. We make sure our clients have a full understanding of the transaction and assure them that one of the most important events in their life will be handled in a professional manner.

Our firm assist clients in commercial transactions, including environmental issues and financing in complicated real estate transactions for real estate professionals.  We counsel many Landlords and Tenants throughout Long Island in the commercial leasing of their properties.



Estate Planning and Surrogates Court

Our practice is focused primarily on three areas: estate planning, estate settlement, and estate litigation.  We help clients address straight forward estate planning through Last Will and Testaments to complicated planning for Medicaid services.  We have worked closely with family owned businesses to assure the successful transfer of their interest to the next generation to avoid the serious consequences of Estate Taxes.

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their priorities and goals, their family situations and philanthropic interests, as well as their wishes for the legacies they want to provide.  We make financial and estate planning recommendations, advise on the tax effects of each scenario, prepare the documents necessary to implement the plan, and review the plan periodically for appropriate revisions.

Upon the death of family members we can assist in the process of probating a Will.  This can be a difficult and a complex settlement of a family's financial affairs.  Families need experienced and sensitive counsel in the midst of difficult transitions such as in the months following an individuals death when there are numerous decisions to be made that require careful guidance.  We also assist our clients in process of the administration of an estate, wherein a family member has died without having a Will. Our firm is skilled in the personal and the technical aspects of estate administration.